Mobotix IP 20 hemispheric for indoor

The c25 is small 6MP hemispheric camera and comes with three clamps for easy installation in suspended ceilingC25takaosas like a halogen downlight. Alternatively equipped with a telephoto lens. The camera is light, diameter only 12 cm and weight is approximately 200 grams.

Operating voltage is obtained from power over ethernet (PoE 802.3af). Protection class is IP20 and operating temperature is 0 – +40ºC.

The camera includes a 4 GB memory card. All events can be stored on the memory card and therefore an external recorder is not required.

Lens variances 10 ja 20 mm (compared 35 mm camera), and angle (Horizontal) 180° x 180° ja 103° x 77° .
Sensitivity Color sensor 6 MP: 0.1 lux 1/60 s, 0.005 lux 1 s
Black and white sensor 6 MP: 0.02 lux 1/60 s, 0.001 lux 1 s
Resolutions 6 MP 3072 x 2048
Memory card include 4 GB microSD
Max. fps M-JPG: HD: 15 fps, MEGA: 12 fps, QXGA: 6 fps, 6MP: 4 fps
MxPEG: MEGA/HD: 30 fps, QXGA: 15 fps, 6MP: 8 fps
Image compression MxPEG, M-JPG, JPG, H-264 ( only SIP video)
Sensors Motion detection, MxActivitysensor, temperature, shock detector
Microphone Include
Power Poe 802.3af
Events Eg. motion detection, MxActivitySensor, I/O singals, temperature, shock detection
Operating conditions 0° – 40°, IP20
Tilting Virtual PTZ
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