Computers, video surveillance and POS products from Teito!

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Teito Oy is a designer and manufacturer of special computers and also provides high quality video surveillance equipment and POS products for customers . We deliver our equipment to several customer segments, like industry, shipping, vehicles, stores, hospitals and care centers, etc. We have strong experience to act as an industry partner for system manufacturers, suppliers and software suppliers, for whom the hardware technology is not core business.

Our product range contains only the newest and most reliable technology for a long life cycle, but we also operate prepared for new generations of technology. The customer will always receive information about products and latest offers of new technology, boosting customer’s competitive position. Our products can be designated under the brand, colors and special needs of the customer.

Teito Oy is a local partner, facilitating business, bringing flexibility and higher rate of response in all occasions. We offer all of the above and even more. Moreover, our price levels are affordable and competitive.

Please, tell us your needs with target price, and we will offer a suitable solution!

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